Monday, 14 July 2014

Saint Colmán, son of Aingen, July 14

On July 14 the Irish calendars record the commemoration of one of the many Irish saints Colmán. This one is distinguished by the inclusion of a patronymic, but, as Canon O'Hanlon explains, this is of little help in identifying either the man or the time and place in which he flourished:

St. Colman, Son of Aingen.

In the Martyrology of Tallagh, the name of Colman Mac Andgein appears, at the 14th of July. The patronymic furnishes little clue to his family or descent, much less to his locality. He probably lived in or before the eighth century. In the Martyrology of Donegal, we have entered, likewise, Colman, the son of Aingen. On the authority of Father O'Sheerin, the Bollandists  have inserted his festival at the present date.

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