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List of Irish Saints and Diocesan Patrons

I came across a useful list of Irish saints and diocesan patrons in an illustrated pamphlet, published around 1902, on the Life of St Finn Barr. An Appendix gives a list of names of Irish saints, which the author, the Rev. C. M. O'Brien, included as an aid to parents wishing to give Irish Christian names to their children. A couple of points of interest about the diocesan patrons, first, there is only female saint among them, Saint Brigid of Kildare, and secondly, Galway's patron, Saint Nicholas of Myra, is a long way from home. The name of the patron of Raphoe is given under both of its forms, Adamnan and Eunan. I have reproduced the list exactly as it appears in the booklet.

B. Bishop; C. Confessor; V. Virgin; Ab. Abbot; M. Martyr

Patron Saints of the Dioceses of Ireland

St. Malachy, B.C., Armagh
St. Macnisse, B.C., Down
St. Maccartan, B.C., Clogher
St. Eunan, B.C., Raphoe
St. Adamnan, B.C.
St. Fedlimin, B.C., Kilmore
St. Mel, B.C., Meath and Ardagh
St. Kieran, Ab., Clonmacnoise
St. Colman, B.C., Dromore
St. Eugenius, B.C., Derry
St. Laurence, B.C., Dublin
St. Edan, B.C., Ferns
St. Kyrian, B.C., Ossary
St. Canice, B.C., Kilkenny
St. Bridgid, V., Kildare
St. Albert, B.C., Cashel
St. Finn Barr, Cork
St. Brendan, B.C., Kerry
St. Munchin, B.C., Limerick
St. Brendan, Ab., Kerry
St. Colman, B.C., Cloyne
St. Fachnan, B.C., Ross
St. Flannan, B.C., Killaloe
St. Otteran, B.C., Waterford
St. Jarlath, B.C., Tuam
St. Brendan, Ab., Clonfert
St. Natheus, Achonry
St. Asicus, B.C., Elphin
St. Nicholas, B.C., Galway
St. Muredach, B.C., Killala

Other Irish Saints

St. Columba, Ab.
St. Kevin, B.C.
St. Fanchea, V.
St. Scutin, C.
St. Fintan, C.
St. Aidus, C., Kildare
St. Cera, V., Muskerry
St. Dima, B.C., Down
St. Kentigerna, V., Leinster
St. Erard, B.C., Ardagh
St. Ergnata, V., Armagh
St. Finan, C., Lindisfarne
St. Felan, C., Ab., Leinster
St. Diermit, Ab., Loughrea
St. Cumian, B.C.
St. Ita, V., Limerick
St. Fursey, Munster
St. Dunchad, Ab., Clonmacnoise
St. Fechin, Ab., Westmeath
St. Hia, V., Cornwall
St. Cannera, V., Bantry
St. Waltetrude, Wid.
St. Cuanna, C., Tuam
St. Cronan, B.C., Youghal
St. Alto, B.C., Bavaria
St. Etchen, B.C., Westmeath
St. Canoc, Ab., King's Co. [Co. Offaly]
St. Gobnat, Abbess, Ballyvourney
St. Tancho, B.C., Saxony
St. Carthage, Waterford
St. Laserian, Kildare
St. Fintan, B.C., Ab., Mountrath
St. Cormac, B.C., Trim
St. Odran, M., Charioteer of St. Patrick
St. Fingar, M., Cornwall
St. Aldetrude, V., Hainault
St. Victor, B.C., Monaghan
St. Foillena, V., Kilmacduagh
St. Cathaldus, B.C., Lismore
St. Corcaria, V., Ulster
St. Nemhan, B.C., Wexford
St. Sedna, Ab., Slane
St. Mura, Ab., Derry
St. Feichno, M., Spike Island
St. Gerald, Ab., Mayo
St. Conchenna, V., Armagh
St. Tamlach, C., discp. of St. Finn Barr
St. Nessan, C., discp. of St. Finn Barr
St. Gobban, B.C., Spike Island
St. Connall, M., Aughrim
St. Caithighern, V., Kerry
St. Laccin, Ab., Kilkenny
St. Edna, Ab., Arran
St. Dareca, V., Carrickfergus
St. Brogan, C., Bandon
St. Gobban, Ab., Wexford
St. Garbhan, M., Garvan, discp. of St. Finn Barr
St. Ethnea, V., Swords
St. Sodelbia, V., Swords
St. Comania, V., Swords
St. Lassara, V., Banagher
St. Mochemoc, B. or Ab., of Keneigh
St. Eltin or Multose, Ab., Kinsale
St. Tola, B.C., King's Co. [Co. Offaly]
St. Patto, B., Saxony
St. Mella, V., Leitrim
St. Cera, V.
St. Barrin, C., Cork
St. Beccan, C., Kinsale
St. Declan, C., Waterford
St. Lasra, V., Down
St. Luta, C.
St. Rissen, C., Spike Island
St. Ultan, C.
St. Zephan, C.
St. Benignus, B.C., Armagh
St. Columbanus, B.C., Bangor
St. Cannech, C., Dublin
St. Berach, B.C., Dublin
St. Blaithmac, M., Iona
St. Bricin, C., Cavan
St. Brecan, C., Aran
St. Buite, C.
St. Celsus, C., Armagh
St. Conall, B.C., Ross
St. Cronan, Ab., Roscrea
St. Dympna, V., daughter of an Irish King
St. Fortchern, C., grandson of King Leoghaire

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  1. Rissen of Spike Island, Co. Cork is actually Russen, the son of Rhuadhan.

  2. I double-checked the original in case I had made an error in my typing but the name is given as Rissen in this list. It is common for the names of Irish saints to be transliterated in a variety of ways, this saint is called Ruisen in the Martyrology of Donegal and Ruissen in the Martyrology of Tallaght.

  3. Listed under "Other Irish Saints", St. Ita is the patron saint of the Dioceses of Limerick. See:,cntnt01,default,0&cntnt01event_id=170&cntnt01display=event&cntnt01returnid=58

    1. Thanks but as the list above is an historical source I will let it stand as is. In the Limerick Diocese Heritage Page Saint Munchin is acknowledged as the patron. I am not sure if and when Saint Ita was officially added as a patron. Perhaps you can tell us?

  4. An excellent blog! Perhaps you could add a label "diocesean patrons" at right. Here are a few more links to diocesean websites about their patrons:





    1. Thanks for all the links. I have taken your suggestion on board and added the label as requested. Perhaps the whole subject of diocesan patrons is one I should revisit. Or maybe you would like to contribute a guest post on the topic? Thank you very much for your interest and these helpful links and suggestions.